100 meters from the race start (Balea Lake heliport, across the street from Paltinu Lodge) the organizers, with the generosity of the people from Cartisoara, offer the possibility of free camping (tents only and race number required) in the area to the right of the Transfagarsan road (DN 7C) while looking at the tunnel, around the ASMS Mountain Rescue Hut (white with red hut).

Toilet and shower access is not free and is available at the paid parking and also at the lodges and cabins in the area.

Camping is also possible at the private camping site (between the cable cart lodge and the lodge on the lake).

Free camping is also possible, on both valleys, north and south of the tunnel.


Cabana Paltinu (20m de start)

Cabana Bâlea Lac (300m de start)

Cabana Capra (8km de start)

Cabana Conacul Ursului (10km de start)

Vila Bâlea (11km de start)

Hotel Piscul Negru (13km de start)

Cabana Bâlea Cascadă (14km de start)

Cabana Vama Cucului (25km de start)

Pensiunea Dana Transfăgărășan (25km de start)

Pensiunea Bâlea and Bungalow Transfăgărășan (25km de start)


Because in August, Balea Lac is extremely crowded, parking is very difficult. It is possible wherever you find a place where traffic is not affected and also at one of the two paid parking places, on the left and right of the Transfagarasan road (DN 7C) while looking at the tunnel from the north side.

To avoid problems we recommend arriving as soon as possible on Friday.